Text, Love, and Rock n Roll

I’m detecting a new trend in relationships. Hopefully everyone born in the 80s or earlier remember the good old days. The days when people actually spoke on their phones. Regularly. The days of 2 main forms of communication. Face to face, or voice to voice. E-mail was available, but used mainly for business or long distance friends. 

Now we have cells phones. We being everyone. All of us have phones. We have a tiny invisible string coming from our hearts to our phones. 

I, however, have broken away. I noticed a disturbing pattern. Guy meets girl in the line of the Walgreens checkout counter. Girl gives guy number. Guy texts. Girls tries to set time for call. guy evades and continues texts. One week later, guy and girl go on awkward first date. Guy gets handsy. 

Girl takes off because we just met. Hands off, and who raised you?

Same song and dance, replace Walgreens with work, elevator, Jack in the box. And the more text-conversations that occur, the more familiar these guys are. 

The problem with these text foundations are that they don’t hold up. Text messages don’t require instant, organic response. They don’t include any natural inflection. There’s nothing in a text but what the sender wanted you to read. No way to know if they’re lying (and they often are). 

My mom joined a dating site post divorce. Same deal. Weeks of ‘getting to know’ someone. Emails, text, eventually the occasional phone call. She leaves the house after three weeks of ‘talking’ to someone, meets them for the first time, and those were soo not their current photos. Get past that, and find out that while they previously ‘respected the fact that you want to get to know them first’ , they’ve decided to find out if they can convince you otherwise.

I think the problem is that you do spend time getting to know someone. Those texts/emails/messages come from a person out there that might be exactly as funny and nice and reliable as they seem to be. Or not. But the longer those impersonal messages go on, the bigger the disappointment when you find out that’s not going to happen. 

So I’ve done away with the phone. I’ll have a home phone, and they can leave a message or get lost. 2012 has bred quite a few assholes.Image

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12 thoughts on “Text, Love, and Rock n Roll

  1. Reblogged this on Everyone Has A Story and commented:

    From Rebekkah’s site…Made me laugh!

  2. It looks to me that this young lady has a good head on her shoulders. This world could use more like her.


    • bekkie04

      im working on it ed. i plan to open an orphanage in the mountains 😉 no internet

  3. wise words from one so young……..and Jesus said, “Out of the mouths of babes you will know the truth.”

    • bekkie04

      yeah, kids know better than most how much people suck. it might be the first thing we learn

  4. It’s so very true…Not even ‘new’ relationships suffer but ones where you write something in an email and it is totally misconstrued because words typed are so very precise..and there is no inflection in the words. It’s happened to me with family even. We do need to get back to talking more on the phone or in person….Diane

    • bekkie04

      i agree diane. even letters are more personal, i think. actual handwriting. and the effort that goes into it. i was looking up quotes earlier. Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal: Albert Einstein. haha so true.

  5. Thanks for starting my day off with a chuckle. I have a daughter who is always trying to get me to join the 21th century. I have always been the last person on earth to embrace technology, like answering machines, computers, cell phones. It was 2005 before I got my first cell phone and I’m still holding out on getting a data plan. I refuse to use a phone to write letters. That’s just plan nuts to use folks from the stone age. My daughter is an Army wife in Germany and would get a big kick out of me using the magic of technology to forward your humorous cyber missive to her facebook page. I would like to do just that, with your permission of course. Take care and good luck with your “old school” courting rituals. 🙂

    • bekkie04

      haha go ahead. and thanks for the good wishes. its actually quite difficult to date nowadays without technology, but it’s also easier. if they don’t put in the effort, better to be done sooner rather than later, huh?

  6. i agree, and life has become so impersonal with the ability and ease of cell phones. i want to speak to a live person!!!! LOL

    • bekkie04

      lol me too. i got a job at a restaraunt to fill my daily quota of human interaction. if they won’t come to me, i’ll go to them 😉 toss the phone terry haha

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