O Canada

Hello world. It has been some time since I have engaged with all of you. And in case you are wondering, things are going well. Very well actually. If you recall in a few of my previous posts there was mention of a particular person that I had strong affection for. Well that turned to shit. But I am not upset about it. Things were never going to work like that between us. We are better off friends and that is What we are. I will always love him as I do all my peeps, but physically it had to stop. But I digress. I have, within the last few weeks, met somebody new. A friend of another friend. (That sounds awkward) I had met him a couple of times and I never thought that I would develop feelings for him. It was just friends hanging out. But then it just hit me out of no where. I didn’t even see it coming. Next thing I know, the two of us are getting together quite regularly. It’s not easy for me to take things slow and for the most pat we have been. And I must say, it’s rather exciting. 🙂 Being around him is like being with Bekkie, almost, as in its very easy for the two of us to hang out. We do nothing but talk for hours about any and everything. He makes me laugh, he’s smart, he even speaks French. Which is quite nice to hear even when I have no earthly idea what is being said. :} Everything about him is great and I aways have the best time when we hang out. It just feels natural. I truly hope that this one works out to my advantage. I could use a little pick me up in my life. Now, all that being said, I typed all of this on my phone so forgive me if it’s a little off-balance from my normal readings. I will, as always, do my best to continue my updates. Until the next time. ~E~

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One thought on “O Canada

  1. bekkie04

    haha that song, every time. i love you dude

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